Road Resurfacing

Deerlake Road | Leon County


Road Resurfacing

Meridian Rd. | Leon County

Resurfaced roadway, widened select sections and extended utilities with headwalls.


Magnolia Drive | Leon County

Paved roadway using 16' wide paver.

Road Resurfacing & Improvements

Otter Lake | Wakulla County

FDOT handrail, curb and gutter, striping, permanent signage, landscaping (shoulder overbuild and sod) and road resurfacing.

Bridge Reconstruction

Curtis Mills Bridge | Jefferson County

Removed necessary bridge sections to expose broken pilings and replace at abutment wall.; secured wall in pace. Drove new pilings and cross braced with new timbers. Reinstalled bridge sections and secured to pilings. Installed new wood runners and timber curbing on each side of bridge.